The Ultimate Secret to Weight Loss – Using the Power of the Mind to Make Weight Loss Easy

Until you make your unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. -Carl Jung

Have you ever thought that your struggles with weight loss could be on a subconscious level? Do you feel fate has dealt you a bad hand when it comes to weight loss? What if you could discover the parts of the mind that direct your behaviors? What if you had the tools to turn on and turn off the emotional blocks in your mind? What would that be worth to you? If I only new this secret to losing weight, I would have avoided so much pain and suffering! How long do you stick to a diet? A recent survey showed that 95 percent of people that start diets fail within two weeks! They start our very excited for their weight lossĀ program only to lose that motivation quickly.

If you were something other than human you would probably be wondering, what the heck is wrong with these people. Why is their such a high failure rate with weight loss when people start out with so much motivation. It seems as though people are hitting their heads up against a brick wall over and over again. How many times do we need to hit our heads against a wall that is not moving before we decide that it is time to change? This article is for those that have found something fishy about a 95 percent failure rate when it comes to diets. Yes people, I said 95 percent failure rate. Isn’t that insane? What is the cause of this high failure rate? The cause is self-sabotage on a subconscious level. So many people have tried and tried to lose weight using will power. 95 percent of us are using will power. If anything else had a 95 percent failure rate we would be questioning it. What if your heart surgeon had a 95 percent failure rate, would you want him to operate on you? There is seriously a huge secret to long term weight loss. It is important to realize a few things if you are getting going on losing weight.

If you are resisting your weight, you are asking for more of it. This is the law of reverse psychology. Let me explain, I don’t want you to think of a rattle snake right now. Please do not let that image flash into your mind. Please don’t think of it now, seriously do not think of a rattle snake! The more you try not to think of it the more the mind wants to do it. This is one of the primary reasons for which most diets fail. People are constantly thinking of all the foods that they do not want or cannot have. That of course makes the mind think of those things even more, and before you know it, the food that you did not want in your life is swimming safely in your tummy. Have you ever thought of this universal truth? What you think about you will get more of, and that includes the things that you do not want. In order to lose weight, it is so important to love and accept your body the way that it is now in this moment. Stop resisting your weight.

Focus on your future body and weight loss. Find ways to influence subconscious thought.


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