Teaching Babies to Read – Games to Play With Flash Cards

You might have perused the book We’re Going On A Bear Chase. This book is a #1 with my little ones. It is a tomfoolery and redundant tale about a family searching for a bear.

You can move this idea over into your understanding project. I like to take around 10 blaze cards and spot them around the house. I could put one on the lounge chair, one close to a light, one on the floor, and so on…

I let my child know that we are going on a word chase. We then stroll around the house and I ask without holding back, “I keep thinking about whether UFABETเว็บตรงอันดับ1 we can find the word bubbles.” We forge ahead until we find every one of the words.

Oftentimes previously, my child could talk, she would show the way that she could peruse the words. I would stop marginally and she would go after the right card.

You can play this game to show new words or to audit a few old ones. You can request that your child track down them, or you can simply highlight them and get them.

On the off chance that your child at any point gets some unacceptable card, don’t let them know they failed to understand the situation. You need to address them delicately. You could express something in accordance with, “That says mango, and this is the word banana.”

All that we are doing is playing with our youngsters and we don’t believe they should feel that they have bombed in any capacity assuming they select some unacceptable card. Continuously keep it light and a good time for your youngster.

This is an astounding method for utilizing streak cards with a functioning child. Since you are progressing, you don’t need to fret about attempting to keep them still while you show them words.

Get around Word Cards

A few guardians like to put the word cards on the floor and have their children get around the words. This is perfect for more established children. One more strategy can undoubtedly be utilized with exceptionally dynamic infants. You can set out two cards and have your child get around a specific card, or you can put a line of words scattered on the floor. You can begin toward one side of the room and jump over words the whole way to the opposite end.

These are simply ideas. I’m certain you will adjust them and change them as you see fit for your specific kid. Every kid is an individual and you need to change all that I am training you to accommodate your kid and your way of life. In the event that one technique doesn’t work for you, just attempt an alternate one.


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